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Allen E. Ho is a California-bred Asian American Cinematographer and Camera Operator.


A huge fan of cinema, he was once limited by his parents as a teenager from only going to the movies twice a week. Coming from two cultures both Taiwanese and American - he found that cinematography is a universal language he could communicate with. He is primarily interested in visually and thought provoking stories but doesn’t shy away from the escape, entertainment and magic that cinema can inspire.

His recent work includes four seasons of Artificial which was awarded a Primetime Emmy, Peabody Futures of Media and Webby Award for Innovation. He was also selected to participate in the ASC Vision Mentorship Program with cinematographer Larry Fong as his mentor. He is also a fellow of Film Independent's Project Involve 2020, where he also received a Panavision Fellowship Grant Award. 

He received his Bachelor in Film and Media Studies at UC Irvine and MFA in Cinematography from the University of Texas, Austin.

Based in East Los Angeles, he is an avid cold brew coffee drinker.



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